METROCHAIRS is a collection of seating and upholstered furniture manufactured with the architectural and design community in mind. We design and test every single piece for durability and functionality before including it in our collection. We prefer quality to quantity, so we add only a few pieces to our collection at a time. Thanks to our fine craftsmen, we are able to put together a collection of original products that will meet the most scrutinizing standards for quality, service, safety and design.

We offer the highest standard in both
production and custom capabilities...

Quality: We are proud to say that our manufacturing abilities offer the highest standard in both production and custom capabilities. Our upholstering materials are the finest, durable and beautiful. We use solid wood in our products, no particleboard or other engineered woods.

Twenty years servicing the most
discriminating design community.

Service: For over 20 years, we have been proudly providing our services to a portion of the most discriminating design community in the USA.

Product safety is one of our top priorities...

Safety: Since we offer products that must perform in a great variety of public environments, product safety is one of our top priorities. Most of our chairs are made with Steelglass®, a fireproof material certified by specialized laboratories. All of our upholstered furniture products are made with certified fire-retardant padding/cushioning materials, using only fire-retardant high quality leather.

The design of our collection
is modern and timeless.

Design: The design of our collection is modern and timeless, often a tribute to the modern classics, but respecting, and never copying, the designs of the masters.


Our excellent custom capabilities allow us to manufacture products to meet your unique specifications while maintaining the highest production standards.

For your next contract, hospitality, healthcare, or other commercial project, you can find solutions for all of your seating and upholstered furniture needs with MetroChairs products. It will be a pleasure for us to become one of your most trusted, reliable partners.

All our products are made by highly skilled craftsmen in Italy
and the U.S.A. and using only the finest materials available.